"Ace" Weems.

District director of the Tarpaulin Insurance Company. He got the nickname "Ace" when he and his poker-playing buddies "King" Garrity and "Jack" Palermo began naming themselves after the cards ("It was either that or 'Queen'").

After six CONTROL agents die in unusual circumstances "Ace" Weems informs Maxwell Smart and the Chief that all were former members of the CONTROL Training School baseball team. The culprit is deemed to be Adrian Listenger, a former CONTROL trainee and catcher on the team, seeking revenge after being forced to drop out of the spy school because one of the team members reported that he had cheated on a test.

Little do they realize that Weems is in fact Listenger, his appearance altered by means of a self-performed nose job and a change in hairstyle.

Portrayed by Pat Paulsen [Episode #130: "The Mess of Adrian Listenger"].