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"The old bulletproof cummerbund in the tuxedo trick." - Maxwell Smart

99 Loses CONTROL
Eps 99loses
99 tells Max that she's leaving CONTROL
Original Air Date February 17th, 1968
Writers William Raynor

and Myles Wilder

Director Bruce Bilson
Season Three
Episode Number 79
Villain Victor Royal
Previous Episode Don't Look Back
Next Episode The Wax Max
Get Smart Episode #79, Season Three #19.


After meeting a man 99 decides to leave CONTROL.






Weapons and GadgetsEdit

  • Bulletproof cummerbund



Max claims to have worked with 99 for five years. Since this is only Season Three, perhaps "Mr. Big" (where 99 and Max meet for the first time) is to be understood as taking place two years before the rest of the series.

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