A Man Called Smart, Part 2
Original Air Date April 15, 1967
Writers Leonard Stern
Director Earl Bellamy
Season Two
Episode Number 59
Previous Episode A Man Called Smart, Part 1
Next Episode A Man Called Smart, Part 3
Get Smart Episode #59, Season Two #29.


As KAOS moves ahead with its threat to destroy America's water supply, the President recalls the first Chief of CONTROL, Admiral Hargrade, to active duty to reassure the nation. 99 is kidnapped and bound and gagged on a chair. She is rescued by Max.





Weapons and GadgetsEdit

  • Cuckoo Clock Phone
  • Crutch gun]]
  • Foot grenade


  • Washington General Hospital


This three-part episode was originally intended to be a feature film but the box office failure of Munster, Go Home (also directed by Earl Bellamy) caused the studio to drop the idea.

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