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Story consultant (with Chris Hayward) for the first half (13 episodes) of Get Smart's Season Four.

In addition, Allan Burns is a credited writer on 11 of those episodes:

  1. 87: "The Impossible Mission"
  2. 89: "Closely Watched Planes"
  3. 90: "The Secret of Sam Vittorio"
  4. 91: "Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend"
  5. 92: "The Worst Best Man"
  6. 93: "A Tale of Two Tails"
  7. 94: "The Return of the Ancient Mariner"
  8. 95: "With Love and Twitches"
  9. 97: "The Farkas Fracas"
  10. 98: "Temporarily Out of CONTROL"
  11. 99: "Schwartz's Island"

See IMDb entry.

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