Big Eddie Little.

KAOS killer who escapes from CONTROL custody somewhere in Bayonne, New Jersey while being transferred to death row at the Dennisville Federal Penitentiary under the cover of a footrace.

As he escapes, Big Eddie Little is shot in the shoulder by Maxwell Smart and vows revenge.

By coincidence, Big Eddie's henchmen, Cortez and One-Way Al, invade the hospital where 99 has just given birth and, mistaking her and Max for a nurse and doctor, kidnap them and take them to their hideout in the cabin overlooking the lake. There they demand that the "doctor" remove the bullet from the now unconscious Big Eddie. Through a fluke, Max is able to do so and Big Eddie profusely thanks him - and then orders them killed.

Fortunately, Max has been able to call the Chief on his shoephone and the cabin is soon surrounded by CONTROL agents.

The siege ends when the three villains drop their guns in surrender and all three are shot by bullets accidently fired from each other's guns as they hit the floor.

Portrayed by Henry Corden [Episode #121: "Physician Impossible"].