Boris may refer to:


Boris, Badeff's henchman.

1. KAOS agent, henchman to Badeff [Episode #26: "Hubert's Unfinished Symphony"].


Boris, Siegfried's driver.

2. Siegfried's chauffeur who drives blindfolded so that he will not learn the location of KAOS hedaquarters [Episode #48: "Cutback at CONTROL"].


Boris, Sydney's uncle.

3. Leader of a group of KAOS agents plotting to kidnap visiting British scientist Professor Whitaker and uncle of agent Sidney. Portrayed by Herb Ellis [Episode #54: "The Expendable Agent"].


Boris the waiter.

4. KAOS agent, waiter at the Pen & Quill restaurant and henchman to the Maestro. Portrayed by Gil Perkins [Episode #76, "The Little Black Book, Part 1".


Boris, Magruder's henchman.

5. KAOS agent, henchman to Miss Magruder [Episode #81: "Operation Ridiculous"].

6. FLAG agent in pursuit of the runaway computer in robot form known as Fred [Novel #1: "Get Smart!"].