This article is about the season two episode, 'Bronzefinger'. For the article on the villain for which the episode is named, see Rembrandt Von Bronzefinger.

Original Air Date December 3, 1966
Writers Lila Garrett

and Bernie Kahn

Director William Wiard
Season Two
Episode Number 42
Villain Bronzefinger
Previous Episode Island of the Darned
Next Episode Perils in a Pet Shop
Get Smart Episode #42, Season Two #12.


Max and 99 go undercover at the museum when it is learned that KAOS is stealing paintings and replacing them with forgeries to finance their evil schemes. Will Agents 86 and 99 end up as bronze statues?





Weapons and GadgetsEdit

  • Paintbrush gun
  • Tube Sword
  • Art palette shield
  • Razor ring



  • CONTROL's telephone number is 555 3743.

Reality CheckEdit

The title refers to the James Bond novel and, especially, film Goldfinger. Surprisingly, it is one of only two original series episodes to refer directly to a Bond film (the other is #69: "Dr. Yes", which of course refers to Dr. No) although #57: "Pussycats Galore" refers to Pussy Galore, a character from Goldfinger. In addition, the 1995 series episode "Liver Let Die" refers to Live and Let Die.

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