"Well, it seems you have us outnumbered, Miss Cleveland. I think you'd better give up!"

- Maxwell Smart

Closely Watched Planes
Eps watchedplanes

Max struggles to avoid being dropped from the plane.
Original Air Date October 5th 1968
Writers Chris Hayward
Allan Burns
Arne Sultan
Leonard Stern
Director Bruce Bilson
Season Four
Episode Number 89
Villain Miss Cleveland
Previous Episode Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron
Next Episode The Secret of Sam Vittorio

Get Smart Episode #89, Season Four #3.


CONTROL agents are disappearing from airplanes! Can Agent 86 find out how or will he disappear as well - and end up among the angels in the sky?






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  • Max claims that he's known 99 since she was 24 (but doesn't provide her current age).
  • Max and 99 announce their engagement to the Chief (despite 99 talking about meeting Max's future mother-in-law while sitting right next to the Chief in the episode aired the previous week).
  • Despite being seen in numerous Get Smart episodes, this is "Aunt Rose" Michtom's only credited appearance - and her only speaking role - of the series.

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