Cochran undercover as Windy Vasquez.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) investigator working undercover on the Hannibal Day radio drama program to identify a KAOS agent who has been using the show to transmit messages to KAOS agents overseas.

Using the identity of Windy Vasquez, the sound effects man, Cochran feigns being hard of hearing in order to gain information.

Regrettably, Cochran is killed before he can reveal the identity of the KAOS agent to 99 who is also working on the case. However, he is leaves behind a clue in the form of copy of the script to the play they are performing, Death in the Cemetery, with a passage circled. This ultimately proves to be the key to identifying both the spy and his M.O.

Portrayed by Allen Joseph [Episode #126: "Moonlighting Becomes You"].