Senator Dietrich: "I submit that CONTROL is extravagant in its budget, ineffectual in its conduct and worthless to the national interest."
Maxwell Smart: "He's onto us, Chief."

Cutback at CONTROL
Max and Siegfried meet to discuss "possible employment".
Original Air Date January 21, 1967
Writers Gerald Gardner

and Dee Caruso

Director Earl Bellamy
Season Two
Episode Number 48
Previous Episode Someone Down Here Hates Me
Next Episode The Mummy
Get Smart Episode #48, Season Two #18.


CONTROL's budget is slashed by Congress, resulting in a limit on the number of bullets which can be used and reducing Maxwell Smart from brass knuckles to a single aluminum knuckle. In an attempt to prove that CONTROL serves a useful purpose, Max pretends to defect to KAOS in order to discover an infiltrator high in the US government.




Note: Barbara Feldon (Agent 99) does not appear in this episode.





  • The song Siegfried whistles in his office is the Horst-Wessel-Lied, national anthem of Nazi Germany.

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