Die, Spy
Original Air Date March 30th, 1968
Writers Phil Hahn and
Jack Hanrahan (teleplay);

Gerald Gardner and Dee Caruso (story)

Director Gary Nelson
Season Three
Episode Number 85
Villain Kubacheck
Previous Episode The Hot Line
Next Episode The Reluctant Redhead

Get Smart Episode #85, Season Three #25.


When an attempt is made on the lives of both the Chief of CONTROL and the Chief of KAOS it is feared that it could only mean the arrival of ACB (Atrocities, Cruelties & Brutalities), the third spy network.






Weapons and GadgetsEdit

  • Ping Pong paddle radio
  • Ping Pong paddle gun
  • Ping Pong ball grenades


  • Glenco Mortuary
  • Istanbul (not Contantinople)
  • The Club Tonite

Reality CheckEdit

This episode is a parody of the TV series I Spy which starred Robert Culp and Bill Cosby as secret agents posing as a globe-trotting tennis player and his coach. Guest star Stu Gilliam is excellent at mimicking Cosby and Culp himself makes a hilarious cameo appearance as a tipsy waiter.

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