Dr. Canyon.

"When I brought Dr. Canyon home, I thought he'd be a short, fat, bald-headed, little old scientist. I never dreamed for one single moment that it would turn out to be this luscious, beautiful, gorgeous woman that you see before you. . . I don't think I explained that too good." - Maxwell Smart.

KAOS scientist who invents a formula for an invisibility spray.

After defecting to the US, Dr. Canyon offers to turn the formula over to CONTROL who plan to use it to enable an agent to slip into KAOS headquarters and recover the stolen Ginsburg Papers.

In the meantime, Dr. Canyon, who is invisible, is to be protected at the apartment of Maxwell Smart and Agent 99. Complications ensue when it is revealed that Dr. Canyon is a woman, with 99 returning home from an assignment just when Dr. Canyon's invisibility has worn off.

To assuage 99's jealousy, Max demonstrates the truth by turning the spray on himself. Since this was the last of the formula, this means that Max must now sneak into KAOS to recover the Ginsburg Papers. Unfortunately, the formula wears off while he is there and Max is captured. However, with the help of the CONTROL lab, Dr. Canyon is able to speedily produce a new batch of the formula and, invisible again, shows up in time to rescue him.

Portrayed by Lyn Peters [Episode #100: "One Nation Invisible"].