Earl Kibbee.

Kibbee: "It's kind of hard to make ends meet on a CPA's salary nowadays. My wife and I like to keep up with the Frankels."

Karl Vogel: " You mean the Joneses."

Kibbee: "I mean the Frankels. The Joneses are dead. I caught up with them.

Ruthless assassin known as "The Exterminator".

Earl Kibbee is hired by KAOS agent Karl Vogel to eliminate the informer Wolfgang Dietrich who has been taken into hiding in the apartment of CONTROL agents Maxwell Smart and 99 disguised as Mrs. Feldman, the woman employed to help take care of the Smarts' twin babies. This charade proves no barrier to the Exterminator who soon locates him there.

Kibbee's business card describes him as a certified public accountant and notary pubic as well as a murderer and he adheres scrupulously to the ethics of both professions: doggedly making repeated attempts on Dietrich's life despite being constantly foiled (mostly accidentally) by Max; and refusing to accept a $500 bribe offered by Vogel to understate to KAOS the cost of his services. (He takes $1000.)

Kibbee is apprehended in the garage of the apartment building when a chunk of ceiling plaster dislodged by submachine-gun fire lands on his head and knocks him out.

Portrayed by William Schallert [Episode #131: "Witness for the Execution"].