Foster (left).

Foster may refer to:

  • CONTROL agent seen dressed as a policeman during a stakeout operation outside the Fifth National Bank. Foster later attends a meeting called by the Chief in an elevator serving as CONTROL's temporary headquarters when the agency is suffering a financial crisis. Months later, Foster returns to his police guise on another (identical) stakeout at the same location outside what is now the Bank of the Potomac. [Portrayed by Richard Yarmy [Episode #117: "The Treasure of C. Errol Madre" and (in uncredited recycled footage) Episode #137: "Do I Hear a Vaults?".]
  • Evidently a different CONTROL agent since his death is reported between the two appearances of the one above. This Foster was murdered by former CONTROL trainee Adrian Listenger who had been carrying out a vendetta against former members of the CONTROL Training School baseball team, of which Foster was one. [Mentioned, Episode #130: "The Mess of Adrian Listenger".]

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