Hanrahan rests his case.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have heard the distinguished district attorney present his evidence that on the surface sounds extremely damaging to the defendant. But if we review the evidence in the cold light of reason . . . the defense rests."
- Hanrahan

According to the Chief, the best criminal attorney available to defend Maxwell Smart when he is put on trial accused of murder.

However, Hanrahan is only selected when Gregson refuses, Bomser leaves town and Yarmy appears to make it his preference to defend the Boston Strangler. When Max worries that Hanrahan hasn't won a case in thirty years the Chief opines that "he just wants to keep his record perfect".

Max's reservations prove well founded at the trial when, after Hanrahan's less than stellar performance, the judge allows Max to speak in his own defence.

Portrayed by Larry Gelman [Episode #78: "Don't Look Back"].

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