Hester Van Hooten.

Eccentric matriarch of the Van Hooten family. Hester's husband is Jason Van Hooten.

When a vital package lands on the roof of the Van Hootens' isolated house, CONTROL agents Maxwell Smart and 99 are sent to retrieve it. In a remarkable coincidence, 99 bears a striking resemblance to Hester's late sister Rebecca and Hester becomes convinced that 99 is in fact Rebecca returned to her.

Rebecca had married Sebastian, a man who Hester loved, and died mysteriously on her wedding night after drinking a glass of wine. With Hester now attempting to poison 99 in the same way, it seems obvious that she killed her sister in a fit of jealousy and Max makes to arrest her for the 20-year-old murder - until a surprise confession from Hogarth, the family butler clears her.

Portrayed by Gale Sondergaard [Episode #129: "Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm"].

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