"They looked down on me because I was tall." - Hogarth.

Van Hooten family butler. Hogarth is eventually revealed to be Jason Van Hooten's brother, presumably meaning that his full name is Hogarth Van Hooten.

When a vital package lands on the roof of the Van Hootens' isolated house, CONTROL agents Maxwell Smart and 99 are sent to retrieve it. In a remarkable coincidence, 99 bears a striking resemblance to Jason's wife Hester's late sister Rebecca and Hester becomes convinced that 99 is in fact Rebecca returned to her despite Jason's assurances that he had buried her 20 years earlier.

Rebecca had married Sebastian, a man who Hester loved, and died mysteriously on her wedding night after drinking a glass of wine. With Hester now attempting to poison 99 in the same way, it seems obvious that she killed her sister in a fit of jealousy and Max makes to arrest her - or Jason who Max claims had a financial motive - until a surprise confession from Hogarth, not only to Rebecca's murder but also that of Sebastian whose body is found stuffed in a grandfather clock after he escapes from the attic where he has been locked up all these years unable to accept that Rebecca was dead.

Holding a gun on the group, bitter at being treated as a servant, Hogarth declares, "I hated Rebecca and I hated Hester. And as you can see, I wasn't too crazy about Sebastian either." However, he is prevented from taking his final revenge when Larabee (who has meanwhile arrived with the Chief) trips on Hogarth on the stairs, knocking him down, whereupon he apparently loses consciousness.

Portrayed by Paul Wexler [Episode #129: "Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm"].

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