House of Max, conclusion
Original Air Date January 16th, 1970
Writers Chris Hayward
Director Tony Leader
Season Five
Episode Number 128
Villain Raoul Duval
Previous Episode House of Max
Next Episode Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm

Get Smart Episode #128, Season Five #16.

Note: This is the second episode of a two-part story. However, as Season 5 is the only one with onscreen episode titles, that title is used here, eschewing the practice of numbered parts adopted for previous seasons.


Max returns to Duval's Cave of Wax to learn how Raoul Duval is bringing his wax figures to life.



Note: The Chief (Edward Platt) does not appear in this episode.





Reality CheckEdit

  • The title refers to the 1953 film House of Wax starring earlier Get Smart guest star Vincent Price. This is Max and 99's second encounter with a wax museum, the first being in Episode #80: "The Wax Max".

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