I'm Only Human
The Beastmaster holds Fang, Max and 99 prisoner.
Original Air Date February 26, 1966
Writers Stan Burns

Mike Marmer

Pat McCormick

Ron Friedman

Director Murray Golden
Season One
Episode Number 23
Villain "Beastmaster"
Previous Episode Smart, the Assassin
Next Episode Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain
Get Smart Episode #23, Season One.


When CONTROL Agent 73 becomes the latest in a succession of men killed by their own dogs - General Foglesby, killed by his hunting dogs; Admiral Kirkwood, killed by his chow dog; and Dr. Krautmeyer, killed by his dachshund (while he was sleeping) - Fang is sent undercover to the Washington Animal Spa, where all the dogs had been kenneled.





Weapons and GadgetsEdit


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