Island of the Darned
Original Air Date November 26, 1966
Writers Buck Henry, William Raynor, Myles Wilder (Teleplay)

William Raynor, Myles Wilder (story)

Director Gary Nelson
Season Two
Episode Number 41
Villain Hans Hunter
Previous Episode The Greatest Spy on Earth
Next Episode Bronzefinger

Get Smart Episode #41, Season Two #11.


Max and 99 are lured to a Carribean island where they are hunted like animals.

Hans Hunter thinks the Hunt will be "Fair" -he will have guns, tracking dogs and KAOS Killers on his side. Max will only have his intelligence. Are Max and 99 doomed?






Weapons and GadgetsEdit

  • B-11 Modified Vindicator (Resort Model)
  • A-14 Mk II Indisintegrator
  • Bazooka Butts



  • Smart: "Why should we take the word of a vicious homicidal psychopathic killer like you?"
    Hunter: "Because I am a gentleman."
  • Smart (to henchman): "How would you like to swap this nice new knife for that dirty old pistol?"
  • Hunter (after one of his agents and dogs have been killed by Smart in a trap): "No more Mr Nice Guy!"

Reality CheckEdit

This episode is a parody of the 1924 short story The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell. It was filmed in 1932 starring Joel McCrea and has been much imitated ever since.

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