James Komack as the gunman in "The Little Black Book".

Get Smart director, writer and actor.

Episodes as Director:Edit

#62: "Witness for the Persecution"
#66: "Supersonic Boom"
#69: "Dr. Yes"
#75: "The Groovy Guru"
#76: "The Little Black Book, Part 1"
#77: "The Little Black Book, Part 2"
#80: "The Wax Max"
#81: "Operation Ridiculous"
#82: "Spy, Spy, Birdie"
#86: "The Reluctant Redhead"
#97: "Temporarily Out of CONTROL"

Komack also wrote "The Wax Max" and appeared as a KAOS gunman in The Little Black Book, Parts 1 and 2.

See IMDb entry.

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