Jarvis Pym in his laboratory.

KAOS's self-styled "mad pharmacist".

Using a hallucinogenic "miracle drug" which he has discovered, Jarvis Pym causes the all the government officials in Washington, including the president, Congress and Pentagon, to have strange dreams. In a televised explanation (on Channel 51, the educational spy channel) he reveals that this was only a mild dose; at full strength the dreams would be permanent with victims never to be able to differentiate between reality and fantasy. He then threatens to carry out this plan to "its utmost fruition" - wiping out the government by reducing every high-ranking official to a raving lunatic - unless he is paid $50 million.

After CONTROL determines that the drug was delivered in bottled water from the Dartfoot Springs Water Company, agents Maxwell Smart and 99 are sent to infiltrate the plant. There they confront Pym who they find has his laboratory on the premises and inform him that they have cancelled the supply of his water. He imprisons them in a giant medicinal capsule but they are able to free themselves and arrest Pym before he can put his alternate plan of dropping a manhole-sized tablet in the city reservoir into effect.

Portrayed by Vincent Price [Episode #124: "Is This Trip Necessary?"].