Kiss of Death
Original Air Date December 31, 1966
Writers Stan Burns

and Mike Marmer

Director Bruce Bilson
Season Two
Episode Number 45
Villain Tracy Dunhill
Previous Episode The Whole Tooth and...
Next Episode It Takes One to Know One

Get Smart Episode #45, Season Two #15.


Maxwell Smart saves a woman from what he thinks is a kidnap attempt unaware that he has been duped by the devious head of the Daughters of KAOS.






Weapons and GadgetsEdit

  • Idento-man
  • Belt-buckle Tape Recorder
  • Poison Lipstick
  • Bracelet Switchblade
  • Plastic Lips



  • Although originally screened on New Year's Eve, 1966, there is a line in the episode explicitly stating that "the New Year is months away".
  • At one point an inebriated Agent 13 calls Max "88-66", explaining that "I'm seeing double right now".

Reality CheckEdit

This episode shares its title with a number of films, most notably a 1947 feature starring Richard Widmark. It may also refer more generally to the alleged Mafia signal of execution.

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