Leo the TV repairman.

Leo may refer to:

  • Presumed name of a TV repairman (from "Leo's TV Repair") who visits Max and 99's apartment. When Max confuses the charge on the bill with the phone number, Leo reassures him that the phone number only has seven digits [Portrayed by Eddie Ryder (uncredited), Episode #110: "Greer Window"].
  • KAOS agent who, with his partner Klug, sneaks into the CONTROL motor pool and plants a homing device and remote-control unit on Maxwell Smart's new so-called "super scooter" [Comic Story #14: "The Screwball Scooter Caper"].
  • Brother of the notorious assassin known as "The Turtle". CONTROL Agent 66 used to date Leo ("I was young; he had a fast car") and never returned his record albums [Mentioned, GS Episode #5: "Passenger 99"].

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