Max and 99 choose a suitcase from the trunk of the CONTROL tracking car.

CONTROL agents carry with them various sets of luggage containing items useful for maintaining cover stories.

For instance, the Newlywed Kit employed by Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 when gaining entry to the home of Dr. Chataloris Drago.

The six cases seen in the trunk of the CONTROL Tracking Car on this occasion are labeled:

[Episode #14: "Weekend Vampire'. 99 recalls the incident a year later in Episode #53: "Where-What-How-Who Am I?".]

Another category, the so-called "CONTROL luggage", is booby-trapped - as with 99's automatic throwing-knife or the Chief's bubble screen. The latter is preferred over the use of the more traditional smoke screen because, as the Chief explains, "smoke may be hazardous to your health".

[Episode #98: "Temporarily Out of CONTROL".]

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