Madame Rose

Madame Rose, her clone and the clonatorium.

Seamstress employed by eccentric fashion designer and KAOS executive Norman Saint Sauvage.

Saint Sauvage plans to use the so-called Nude Bomb developed by Nino Salvatori Sebastiani to destroy all clothing, making the world nude, then to force the naked masses to wear garments of his own design made from an indestructible material called Permafin by Madame Rose.

When asked how one woman could achieve such a mammoth task, Saint Sauvage reveals the existence of the clonatorium, a machine capable of producing an indefinite number of copies of living beings, and declares, "Whenever I want them I'll have a room full of roses".

[Uncredited, Movie: "The Nude Bomb".]

Reality Check: Madame Rose has been interpreted as a nod to Rose Michtom, the Aunt Rose of the original series. "Room Full of Roses" is the name of a song which was a hit in 1949 and again in 1974.