Maxwell Smart (right) with spray-on Martin Landau face.

American actor best known for his portrayal of disguise expert Rollin Hand in the TV series Mission: Impossible.

After Maxwell Smart inadvertently allows himself to be photographed by a newspaper, resulting in his identity as a secret agent being exposed, he consults Doctor Hector Proctor who has devised a technique of instant spray-on plastic surgery.

Believing it a "perfect face for a secret agent", Proctor bestows Landau's face on Max. The Chief disagrees, pointing that Landau's face is even more well known than Max's. Max, the words ironically coming out of Landau's mouth, claims he's never heard of him.

[In this brief scene, Maxwell Smart is portrayed by none other than Martin Landau himself, although still with the voice of Don Adams [Episode #113: "Pheasant Under Glass". Landau's wife and co-star, Barbara Bain had previously appeared as Alma Sutton in Episode #7: "KAOS in CONTROL".]