Melnick Archer.

Designer and manufacturer of bedroom sets which he sells from a large warehouse located on Harbor Boulevard in Washington DC. Once suspected once of selling bedroom sets to iron-curtain countries he was dubbed "Put a red in your bed" Melnick.

Melnick Archer is the KAOS agent behind the kidnapping of Agent 99 and her replacement with double as part of a scheme to kill her husband Maxwell Smart and have her jailed for the murder.

Portrayed by H. M. Wynant [Episode #133: "And Only Two Ninety-Nine"].

Reality Check: Melnick Archer, Melnik the Smiling Killer, Pete "the Kid'' Melnick and the Melnick Uranium Mines are all named after Dan Melnick, a partner with Leonard Stern and David Susskind in Talent Associates, whose idea it was originally to produce a TV show satirising the spy craze.