Micro Camera
The standard Micro-Camera
Seen in Episode #6: "Washington 4, Indians 3"
Kind of device Evidence gathering
Organization CONTROL
Used by Maxwell Smart

Tiny camera used by Maxwell Smart to photograph equipment in the main tent of the Red Feathers Indian camp [Episode #6: "Washington 4, Indians 3"].


99 using the Micro-Camera.

Agent 99 is seen using a similar camera in Mother's Family Pool Parlor [Episode #18: "The Dead Spy Scrawls"].


Max takes a picture with his hat.

Micro-cameras can also be hidden in an agent's clothing, for example when Professor Parker secretes one in the uniform hat Max wears when undercover as a chauffeur. On this occasion the camera is operated with a button on the side of the hat [Episode #17: "Kisses for KAOS"].