Mike Marmer (1925-2002) is "Get Smart" script writer who wrote 15 episodes, most of them with Stan Burns. Marmer's episodes included those introducing Siegfried and Shtarker.

List of episodes written by Mike MarmerEdit

By Mike MarmerEdit

#55: "How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying"
#88: "Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron"
#96: "The Laser Blazer"

By Mike Marmer and Stan BurnsEdit

#33: "A Spy for a Spy"
#39: "Rub-A-Dub-Dub... Three Spies in a Sub"

By Stan Burns and Mike MarmerEdit

#3: "School Days"
#4: "Our Man in Toyland"
#9: "Satan Place"
#17: "Kisses for KAOS"
#18: "The Dead Spy Scrawls"
#21: "Dear Diary"
#26: "Hubert's Unfinished Symphony"
#30: "The Last One in Is a Rotten Spy"
#45: "Kiss of Death"

By Stan Burns, Mike Marmer, Pat McCormick and Don FriedmanEdit

#23: "I'm Only Human"

See IMDb entry.

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