Mimsi Sage.

Bespectacled, shy writer of children's books who bears a strong resemblance to Amanda Krispin, the glamorous estranged wife of KAOS agent Kinsey Krispin.

Mimsi Sage is the author of the trilogy The Tiger That Couldn't, The Elephant That Wouldn't and The Pussy That Would Like To, as well as Happy Hippo Takes a Trip and the little-read The Clock That Lost Its Tock.

In order for CONTROL to gain possession of the vital Krispin Papers, Maxwell Smart is ordered to train Mimsi to impersonate Amanda so she can be traded to Kinsey for them, knowing that when Kinsey finds out that Mimi is a fake he will likely kill her.

As it turns out, Mimsi really is Amanda, pursuing her own intricate plot to gain the papers, and therefore control of KAOS, for herself.

Portrayed by Julie Sommars [Episode #86: "The Reluctant Redhead"].

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