Now You See Him, Now You Don't
Invisible KAOS agent threatens Smart and Dr. Haskell
Original Air Date October 16, 1965
Writers Arne Sultan

and Marvin Worth

Director Paul Bogart
Season One
Episode Number 5
Villain Ehrlich
Previous Episode Our Man in Toyland
Next Episode Washington 4, Indians 3
Get Smart Episode #5, Season One.


A doctor comes to Max's apartment and insists that he has an invisibility ray.






Gadgets and DevicesEdit


  • We get our first look at Max's apartment in this episode.
  • The invisibility threat in this episode turns out to be a hoax but CONTROL will encounter a scientist with a genuine claim in Episode #100: "One Nation Invisible".
  • Oddly, the Chief's avowed skepticism about invisibility does not prevent him from demonstrating the Invisible Wall with a straight face.

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