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Cone of Silence
Cone nephew
From "My Nephew the Spy"
Seen in Mr. Big
My Nephew the Spy
Kind of device Communication
Organization CONTROL
Used by by Maxwell Smart and the Chief

"Activate the Cone of Silence"

The Chief

The Cone of Silence is a gadget used by CONTROL. In the episode "A Tale of Two Tails," it was mentioned that the Cone of Silence was invented by a Professor Cone. It has never worked properly, but Max sometimes asks to use it when he feels that the subject he and the Chief are talking about is Top Secret.

It is a clear plastic contraption consisting of two domes with a rectangular box in between. When activated, the Cone of Silence lowers itself onto the Chief's desk, covering the speakers on either side of the desk. Usually, the Chief and Max are unable to hear each other.

Variations on the Cone of SilenceEdit

Cone hubert

Max and the Chief use the Portable Cone of Silence at Badeff Concert Hall.

Portable Cone of SilenceEdit

In Hubert's Unfinished Symphony, the portable cone of silence was introduced. It consists of two large bubbles for each speaker's head, and a long connecting tube between the two bubbles, for communication purposes. Maxwell Smart and the Chief use it to talk about Rudolph Hubert's murder on the stage of Badeff Concert Hall but the Chief's head gets locked in his half.

Get Smart (2008) Cone of SilenceEdit

In the 2008 movie, Get Smart, the cone of silence is a temporary soundproof forcefield that is cast over the conference table.

Failures of the ConeEdit

Max asks to use the Cone and The Chief accepts. The Cone is so silent that they can't hear each other, making communication impossible.
Again they're not able to hear each other, but Hodgekins can hear every word that they say.
Max says to activate the Cone so he could make his report. When it's lowered, the Chief asks what he has to report. Max says "nothing." The conversation is finished.
The Chief doesn't want to use the Cone, but Max insists. The Cone starts descending and they begin their conversation. But, the Cone keeps ascending and descending until it crushes the Chief's desk. Max and The Chief are forced to drop to the floor.
Max wants to use the Cone so 99 can't hear, but there's an echo in the Cone so it's useless.
A bee is in the Cone with Max and the Chief and the bee is buzzing so loud it overwhelms them.
They can hear each other, but when they're finished the lock of the chief's side of the Cone is stuck.
After Max makes his report, the Cone won't open so Max crawls out. An alarm sounds and Max runs out of the office leaving the Chief in the Cone.
Because the Cone of Silence was not working, Max suggests to the Chief that they use the CONTROL Secret Word File, resulting in more hilarity.

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