Popular movie star of the 1940s and governor of California from 1967 to 1975.

In 1967, CONTROL agent Maxwell Smart complements the ingenuity of Professor Carlson in putting a telephone in a magazine but complains that a later issue should have been used since the cover picture of Ronald Reagan is drawing suspicion because "he's dancing with Betty Grable" [Episode #52: "Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho"].

A few months later, CONTROL is waiting for the injured actor Russell Bediyoskin to regain consciousness so he can reveal vital information. In an apparent reference to Governor Reagan, Admiral Hargrade muses about how odd it is that the destiny of the country should be "in the hands of an actor. Who would ever have thought that could happen?" [Episode #59: "A Man Called Smart, Part 2"].

In 1969, when KAOS agents led by Miss Valerie are plotting to blow California off the map, Max opines that the real disaster will be that Ronald Reagan will have to go back to making movies. When the Chief is skeptical, Max adds, "Oh no? Think about it." [Episode #115: "Valerie of the Dolls"].

[In 1980, Reagan is elected President.]

Several years later, after being recalled to active duty, Max is summoned to a meeting at the White House with the president [unnamed but resembling Reagan]. After Max returns home, his wife 99 asks him what the president was like; Max tells her he was "everything you'd expect him to be". 99 replies, "I'm sorry to hear that." ["President" portrayed by Lou Felder, TV Movie "Get Smart, Again!".]

After Reagan has left the White House, now Chief Maxwell Smart is a attending a diplomatic reception. Disappointed that there are no "little meatballs" among the cuisine, he recalls, "The Reagans always had meatballs." [GS95 Episode #3: "Goodbye Ms. Chip".]

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