"Winning a track meet is more important to the United States than winning a war. Besides, it's a lot cheaper. We don't have to finance the losers."
- Maxwell Smart

Run, Robot, Run
Original Air Date March 16th, 1968
Writers C. F. L'Amoreaux
Director Bruce Bilson
Season Three
Episode Number 83
Villain CAD
Previous Episode Spy, Spy, Birdie
Next Episode The Hot Line

Get Smart Episode #83, Season Three #23.


CONTROL must protect Free World athletes competing in an international track meet against agents of CAD - KAOS's Contrived Accident Division - who are trying to rig the outcome in favor of the Iron Curtain team.







Weapons and GadgetsEdit

  • Pennant rifle
  • Poison soap
  • Snead synthetic onion
  • Sleeping foot powder
  • Lipstick battery deactivator



Reality CheckEdit

  • The title reportedly refers to the short-lived TV series Run, Buddy, Run created by Get Smart Executive Producer Leonard Stern. It also bears a marked resemblance to the song "Run Rabbit Run" which was popular in Britain during World War II.
  • The characters "Donald Snead" and "Emily Neal" parody "John Steed" and "Emma Peel" from the TV series "The Avengers".

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