This article is about the season four episode, 'Schwartz's Island'. For the article on the location for which the episode is named, see Schwartz's Island (location).
Schwartz's Island
Original Air Date December 21st, 1968
Writers Chris Hayward, Allan Burns, Arne Sultan, Leonard Stern
Director Bruce Bilson
Season Four
Episode Number 99
Villain Siegfried
Previous Episode Temporarily Out of CONTROL
Next Episode One Nation Invisible

Get Smart Episode #99, Season Four #13.


Shipwrecked while honeymooning in the Caribbean, Max and 99 stumble onto Schwartz's Island and Siegfried and Starker's latest scheme.


Max and 99 are on their honeymoon in the Caribbean when Max accidently blows up their sailing boat.




Weapons and GadgetsEdit

  • Synthetic Islands
  • Nuclear magnet
  • Mini-magnet



  • Just before Max blows their vessel up: 99 screams "MAX!"
  • 99 calls Starker "Shtarker," but the credits still list him as "Starker."

Reality CheckEdit

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