Miss Van Cleef's scorpion tattoo.

An international gang of "superthieves" led by a criminal genius known as "The Dutchman".

Each member of the gang is a specialist and can be identified by a scorpion tattoo.

Known members include El Gatto ("the cat"), a cat burglar; The Turk, a weapons specialist; and Le Mans, the driver.

An American gangster called The Scar was recruited by the gang to replace their previous explosives expert who had been killed during a jailbreak. However, the Scar is eliminated before making the rendezvous by CONTROL agent Maxwell Smart who subsequently takes his place in the gang as part of an undercover operation.

The Scorpion Gang is controlled by a shadowy figure known only as "X" who is finally revealed as none other than Commander Hathaway, the head of British CONTROL. Hathaway's secretary, Miss Van Cleef is also secretly a member.

[Episode #70: "That Old Gang of Mine.]

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