Ship of Spies, Part 1
Max and 99 aboard the Evening Star.
Original Air Date April 2, 1966
Writers Buck Henry and Leonard Stern
Director Bruce Bilson
Season One
Episode Number 27
Previous Episode Hubert's Unfinished Symphony
Next Episode Ship of Spies, Part 2
Get Smart Episode #27, Season One.


Max must go aboard the Evening Star, a freighter known as the "ship of spies", to recover the stolen plans for a nuclear amphibian battleship which are being smuggled out of the country.






Weapons and GadgetsEdit


  • This two part episode won the 1967 Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Comedy.
  • In the episode's cliff-hanger ending, Max appears on the verge of drowning after 99 tells him that, according to the CONTROL files, he had not passed the CONTROL swimming test. This despite the fact that other episodes as early as the pilot show him to be an excellent swimmer.

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