"Billions of volts of electricity and it's all in my command! Where is the extension cord?"
- Dr. Zharko.

Shock It to Me
Original Air Date March 1st, 1969
Writers Arne Sultan Chris Hayward
Director Jay Sandrich
Season Four
Episode Number 108
Villain Dr. Zharko
Previous Episode To Sire, With Love, Part 2
Next Episode Leadside

Get Smart Episode #108, Season Four #22.


The investigation of a series of hijackings of trucks carrying electronic equipment leads Max and 99 to the hidden laboratory of KAOS's "mad scientist", Dr. Eric Zharko, who has discovered a means of bringing the dead back to life.





Weapons and GadgetsEdit

  • Car radiator phone



  • Guest star Tom Poston had been the original choice to play Maxwell Smart when the show was first pitched to the ABC network to which Poston was contracted.

Reality CheckEdit

  • The title refers to the catchphrase "sock it to me", popularized by Judy Carne on the TV show Laugh-In.

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