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KAOS agent Simon the Likeable

"Maxwell Smart: Simon the likeable. Who's he?
Chief: He's KAOS' most irresistible agent. A man so unassuming, so modest, so sweet and warm that you take one look at him, and you like him.
— Season 5 / Episode 7: And Baby Makes Four: Part 1

Simon the Likeable was a KAOS agent who, though supposedly capable of all the wicked and evil acts that one expects of a KAOS agent, was thoroughly nice and supremely likeable: so likeable in fact that no one -- well almost no one -- was able to resist his sparkling smile and his twinkling eyes. The only one who was able to resist him was 99's mother who knockes him out with a right cross punch to the jaw-because he resemebles her late and unlamented husband!

Simon the Likeable featured in episodes 7 and 8 of series 5.

  • And Baby Makes Four: Part 1 (7 Nov. 1969)
  • And Baby Makes Four: Part 2 (14 Nov. 1969)

Simon the Likeable was played by Jack Gilford

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