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Chief: "I'm not interested in Snoopy or the Red Baron."
Max: "Oh, so you're a Charlie Brown man."

Snoopy Smart Vs The Red Baron
Original Air Date September 28th, 1968
Writers Mike Marmer
Director Reza S. Badiyi
Season Four
Episode Number 88
Villain Siegfried
Previous Episode The Impossible Mission
Next Episode Closely Watched Planes

Get Smart Episode #88, Season Four #2.


Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 are assigned to investigate Operation Starch - a KAOS plot to destroy America's potato crop. Suspicion falls on 99's Mother's mysterious new neighbor "Mr. Smith".







Reality CheckEdit

The title refers to the book Snoopy and the Red Baron by Charles M. Schulz which, in turn, refers to the famed WW1 flying ace Manfred von Richtofen, known as The Red Baron.

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