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February 1966
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Get Smart Novel #2.


When the diabolical Dr. X invents a serum capable of making man invisible, and threatens to sell it to KAOS, the fate of the whole world hangs in the balance.

Only one man can jump into the breach against the Forces of Evil - Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 from Control. Max's assignment: to apprehend Dr. X, get the serum and formula, and, most important, bring back alive the six invisible guinea pigs, proof that the serum works.

Since Dr. X is sailing for Europe on his deadly mission, Max, Agent 99 and the fearless Fang, the spy dog, board the "Queen Edward" (her father wanted a boy). Thus begin the death-defying adventures of our super-spy, as Max, in the guise of a space scientist, turns the ship fore over aft in his search for Dr. X.

Does Max succeed in his quest? Does the whole civilized world triumph? Would you believe it?

- from the back cover.







The use of a shipboard setting in this novel predates the screening of the "Ship of Spies" television two-parter by three months. The theme of invisibility had previously appeared in "Now You See Him, Now You Don't" (although that was a fake) and would return three years later in "One Nation Invisible".

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