Writer of twelve Get Smart episodes in collaboration with Mike Marmer. Along with Gerald Gardner and Dee Caruso, Burns and Marmer were the backbone of Seasons One and Two.

#3: "School Days"
#4: "Our Man in Toyland"
#9: "Satan Place"
#17: "Kisses for KAOS"
#18: "The Dead Spy Scrawls"
#21: "Dear Diary"
#23: "I'm Only Human"  (with Pat McCormick and Don Friedman)
#26: "Hubert's Unfinished Symphony"
#30: "The Last One in Is a Rotten Spy"
#33: "A Spy for a Spy"
#39: "Rub-A-Dub-Dub... Three Spies in a Sub"
#45: "Kiss of Death"

Note that for Episodes #33 and #39 the usual "Stan Burns and Mike Marmer" credit is reversed.

 See IMDb entry.

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