The 4000 Year Old Man Caper
Issue #7 (August 1967)
Writer Alan Riefe (uncredited)
Artist Henry Scarpelli (uncredited)
Pages 12
Story Number 15
Villain Hassim
Previous Story The Screwball Scooter Caper
Next Story The Airborne Bathysphere Caper

Get Smart comic Story #15 (Issue #7).


On loan to British Intelligence, Max is sent to Egypt to dig out a number of extremely valuable scrolls hidden in the tomb of King Tutem and turn them over to the British before Hassim, "the most dangerous Egyptian alive" who knows every British agent by sight, can get his hands on them.




Note: Agent 99 does not appear in this story.




Reality CheckEdit

The title refers to the classic comedy routine The 2000 Year Old Man by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner.


  • Writer and artist credits are from Martin O'Hearn's blog.
  • The spelling of the king's name is inconsistent in the issue. In the dialogue and other text it is given as "King Tutam". However, an information sign seen in one of the panels has it as "King Tutem" and this is regarded as definitive here.

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