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The Day Smart Turned Chicken
Original Air Date November 6, 1965
Writers Pat McCormick

and Ron Friedman

Director Frank MacDonald
Season One
Episode Number 8
Villain Cowboy
Previous Episode KAOS in Control
Next Episode Satan Place
Get Smart Episode #8, Season One.


When Max is due to testify against them in court, KAOS tries to make it look like he has lost his mind.




Note: Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) does not appear in this episode but Max has what looks like a huge portrait of her in his bedroom.



Note: As the attorney defending KAOS in the case, it is possible that Blake is also a KAOS agent.

Weapons and GadgetsEdit


  • When "Cowboy" is exposed as a KAOS Agent and jumps out the window - only to miss a mattress - Agent 86 only says "Missed it by that much"

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