The Hairless Hound Caper
Issue #1 (June 1966); reprinted in issue #8
Writer Uncredited
Artist Dick Giordano (uncredited, pencils), Sal Trapani (uncredited, inks)
Pages 31 (13 + 11 + 7)
Story Number 1
Villain Zula
Next Story Self Defeat

Get Smart comic Story #1 (Issue #1, reprinted in Issue #8).

Three-part story with the second and third parts subtitled "It's a Gas!" and "The Bare Facts" respectively.


Max, 99 and Fang go to a bald-headed men's convention in Atlantic City in search of a KAOS agent who is believed to have a secret code tattooed on his scalp.






  • Henri
  • Policeman
  • Watchman



  • For reasons best known to the anonymous author, in this first comic story, Max continually calls the Chief "Control", while 99 calls Max "Chief".
  • The central plot point of a bald-headed men's convention comes some two years before the KAOS League of Bald-Headed Men is introduced in the television episode "Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend".

Reality CheckEdit

  • The second part subtitle, "It's a Gas!" is a play on the expression popularized in the Jazz Age.


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