The Leader (seen from behind) practices his hand movements before going on the air.

"Of course Talbot is the Leader, 99! No wonder we could never find the Leader. Who would expect that the Leader would actually be called "the Leader"? If KAOS wanted to hide the identity of the Leader, then they never would have called the Leader "the Leader" unless they expected us not to believe that the Leader was really the Leader!"

"Could you repeat that, Max?"

"I don't think so."

KAOS's top agent who gains possession of Dr. Albert Hellman's Theory of Hellmanivity.

It is eventually revealed that The Leader's identity is that of Herb Talbot, the leader of the musical group the Tijuana Tin and that he plans to transmit the Theory to KAOS Headquarters in Europe by means of precision hand movements as he conducts his band during a live television broadcast.

Portrayed by Aron Kincaid [Episode #87: "The Impossible Mission"].