The Mess of Adrian Listenger
Original Air Date January 30th, 1970
Writers Chris Hayward
Director Charles Rondeau
Season Five
Episode Number 130
Villain Adrian Listenger
Previous Episode Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm
Next Episode Witness for the Execution

Get Smart Episode #130, Season Five #18.


Six CONTROL agents are murdered, all of them former member of the CONTROL Training School baseball team. The culprit is deemed to be Adrian Listenger, the team's catcher, who was forced to drop out of the spy school because one of the team members reported that he had cheated on a test. Now he is out for revenge. His last two targets are the Chief and Maxwell Smart! At the funeral of one of the murdered agents, the Chief, Max and 99 are shocked to see a new gravestone with Max's name already on it! Will Listenger succeed where dozens of KAOS Agents have failed?







Reality CheckEdit

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