The Mysterious Dr. T
Original Air Date December 3th, 1967
Writers William Raynor and Myles Wilder
Director Gary Nelson
Season Three
Episode Number 73
Villain Siegfried
Previous Episode Classification: Dead
Next Episode The King Lives?

Get Smart Episode #73, Season Three #13.


A dying scientist confesses to Maxwell Smart that all his inventions were actually the work of another - a genius known as "Dr. T". Max and 99 must discover the identity of the mysterious Dr. T so that the vital Omega Deltoid Solatron Mark II can be completed.




Note: The Chief (Edward Platt) does not appear in this episode but his voice is heard over an intercom.



Weapons and GadgetsEdit



Ironically, while Edward Platt appears only as a voice, one of this episode's guest stars is best known as a voice actor: Peter Robbins provided the voice of Charlie Brown in the Peanuts film and television specials of the sixties.

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