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The Nude Bomb (also known as The Return of Maxwell Smart or Maxwell Smart and the Nude Bomb) is a film released in 1980 based on the TV Series. In the movie Max worked for PITS instead of CONTROL. PITS was an acronym standing for Provisional Intelligence Tactical Service. The film was a box-office failure.


The plot concerned KAOS' discovery of The Nude Bomb, a bomb that can destroy all clothing. They demand ten billion dollars a month from the United Nations or they will detonate the bomb, making everyone nude. Max, now working for PITS -Provisional Intelligence Tactical Service, teams up with several new agents to foil the plot- weapons specialist Carruthers (Norman Lloyd), teen geniuses Pam and Jerry Krovney, and Agents 22, 34, and 36. Larabee also helps Max, especially with his plan for people to wear food instead of cloth, thereby defeating the purpose of the Nude Bomb.




  • Norman Saint Sauvage - Vittorio Gassman
  • Nino Salvatori Sebastiani - Vittorio Gassman
  • Madame Rose

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